Alisha & matt Wedding Design

A few years ago, I think I remember watching a trailer for a movie about a group of people who thought they were normal. They thought they lived normal lives, and did normal things… but actually, their days were being dreamed, decided, and divined by none other than a humble novelist. As he developed his beloved characters with ink, pen, and paper, he was unknowingly weaving together the tangled, intricate destinies of real people in real life. And their lives weren’t “normal” at all– they were pretty extraordinary.

I have no idea what movie it was (I tried Googling it to no avail. If you know, please tell me!), but that’s basically what this session felt like to me. Alisha and Matt seem to have stepped straight out of a teenage-romance-novel-turned-Disney-movie. You know the one: a small town in Indiana, where the smart, beautiful girl and the handsome, popular guy become high school sweethearts, fall in love, go to college together, get married, and live happily ever after… and then they visit Charleston for their first anniversary!

Needless to say, I am completely head-over-heels for these pictures!! Alisha decided to make it more like a real date instead of just a photo session (a sunset stroll through Waterfront Park with gelato for dessert!), and it has totally changed the way I’m going to look at sessions from now on. Let’s make it a date! <3

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